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Juneteenth Vendors

Greetings from the South Broward  Juneteenth Committee. We are excited to be celebrating the 5th  Juneteenth Celebration in South BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA!  The Juneteenth Recognition Ceremony and the Juneteenth Celebration featuring a Junteenth Parade is a celebration of great historical significance.  This celebration date that include vendor opportunities is Sunday, June 19, 2022.  The vendor options listed below offer many opportunities for your participation in this year’s celebration. 

Food Vendors are those selling food and beverage items at the Juneteenth Celebration. We appreciate our food vendors for their ability to serve a high-volume of customers while offering tasty meal and snack selections.


Product vendors are those selling products and general merchandise (non food).  The product vendor option allows  small business owners and non-profit organizations to sell their consumer products. 


Exhibitors include both commercial and non-profit organizations offering information and interactive exhibits about the services or products that they provide.  Additionally, they may offer promotional sampling and giveaways,  and/or product demonstrations.

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